Accurate weighing with innovative models develops for all kinds of industrial usages, including harsh, wet and explosive environments.

-Suitable for hygienic environments
-Easy clean,
-Completely stainless steel versions,
-Designed for harsh industrial conditions,
-Washable with pressurized water,
-Safe working at industrial environments,
-ATEX and IECEx certified scales for hazardous zones.

BCS21(S) Industrial Scales

Baykon BCS21(S) Series Industrial Scales are Low Cost, but, high quality and accurate OIML approved industrial scales. With its plastic (ABS) and stainless steel models, they can be used in all kind of industrial areas up to wet and hygienic environments.

Multi colored LCD display with backlight can be easily and programmed to provide different color for different weight values. This feature provides fast and safe weight control operation in meat, frozen food, fruit and vegetable processing and packing lines and all kind of industrial packing applications.  

BCS243 Series Bench Scales

The precise and approved Baykon BCS243 Series Bench Scales are designed to use in meat, fish, frozen food, catering, fruit and vegetable processing and packing lines as well as chemical industry and all other harsh industries.

The Basic Scale is with Baykon BX21S Stainless Steel, IP66 indicator features color changing LCD Display for classifying by weight and count with 100 items memory and battery operation.  

BCS304 Series Bench Scales

Baykon BCS304 Series Bench Scales are price competitive, high quality and accurate OIML approved industrial scales. The indicator of this robust scales is fix mounted in front of the platform for portable usages, easy operation and efficient cleaning. Classifying and piece counting functions, internal Li-ion battery with continous operation up to 36 hours and RS232C interface for PC/Printer connection are standard features of those weighing scales.


BT Series Bench and Stand Scales

Baykon BT Series Bench and Stand Scales are designed with high precision in order to provide usage even under rugged Industrial Conditions. The strain-gauge technology built in the bench platforms offers a resolution up to 30.000d.

Baykon BT series Scales are compatible with OIML standards and it is produced according to European directives up to 2 x 3000e multi range accuracy classes.  

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